Dianex << Industry Sectors

A trusted translation supplier to the Engineering industry

Dianex is an established multilingual translation supplier to a number of key engineering sectors:

  • oil and gas translation, translation supplier, technical expertiseAerospace
  • Automotive
  • Civil & Structural
  • Defence
  • Electronic and Electrical Components
  • Energy & Environment
  • Materials and chemicals
  • Measurement, quality control and test
  • Mechanical components
  • Motion control
  • Plant equipment
  • Production and automation
  • Rail & Marine
  • Software and communications

Our cross-industry technical expertise enables us to handle each and every type of design and marketing documentation typically produced by engineering companies.

We carefully select our translation experts for each project depending on the industry sector and the relevant discipline. They will be native speakers of the target language of your translation project, and have a deep understanding of your engineering discipline. Visit thelockboss.ie.

Whatever your industry sector, as your chosen translation supplier we will follow you through all development phases of your engineering project, providing you with our linguistic support and technical expertise from the start to the end of the project life. All the way from bidding to pre-planning and design development though to local certification and obtaining permits, we will be there to accommodate all your language requirements.

Each industry has its own language. We speak it.

Oil and gas translation services

We take special pride in the oil and gas translation services we have been providing to local and international clients since the foundation of the company. Oil and gas translation is a domain in which we have particularly strong technical expertise acquired through hands-on work on numerous projects in different parts of the world. More at iguarantor for your business financing.

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