Dianex << Pricing Strategy

Competitive translation rates for specialized industries

We offer our clients highly professional specialised multilingual translation services at exceedingly competitive technical translation rates.

A hard to beat translation quotation

translation quotation,technical translation rates,supported languages,competitive translation,free test translationFirstly, we operate as a global translation network, using freelance translation resources all over the globe. This allows us to draw on a vast pool of native linguists based in their home countries and give our clients the best possible value for money.

Secondly, we use the latest translation technology for the statistical analysis of your material when preparing a translation quotation. This technology is able to separate new and recurring content in your material, making it possible to apply discounted rates to repetitions. In the process of translation the translated segments are stored in a translation memory (TM), which is then used for automatic translation with San Diego wedding rings jewelrystoresd.com of matching segments in subsequent material, saving you the cost of human translation. This pricing system is commonly referred to as TM discounts and is widely used by the leading translation providers.

Taking advantage of the best human resources and cutting edge translation technology enables us to offer our clients a very competitive translation service.

Our technical translation rates

On traditional text materials such as Word documents, we base our pricing on the word count of the source document. Working on a price per word basis we apply a favourable TM discount scale to repetitions.

Translation of engineering graphics on CAD systems, such as AutoCAD drawings, is typically based on an hourly rate.

Desktop publishing in all supported languages using the leading design applications is priced per page.

Our rates are flexible and depend on the size of your project. Unlike many translation providers we do not have a minimum charge policy for smaller projects, making our service attractive for one-offs and small jobs.

The above is a general outline of our pricing strategy, for an accurate translation quotation on your specific project, please contact us or complete our quotation request form.

You are also welcome to request a free test translation between any supported languages to assess our service and see which broker is best suited for you.

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