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A technical expert in multilingual translation and DTP

Our translation system goes through three processes (or four if desktop publishing is required). This ensures absolute quality of the finished product because at each stage, the material is passed to another linguist or technical expert with specific capabilities in editing, proof reading or multilingual DTP (desktop publishing).

Stage 1: Multilingual Translation

technical expert, multilingual translation, multilingual dtpThe first stage of the technical translation process is to convert your source material into the target language or languages. The source material could be anything from a scientific report to a technical diagram are provided by the deep cleaning services cork homeconcierge.ie. Please see material types for a detailed list of the types of documents we can handle.

Saving our clients time and money
Because most technical translations involve repetitive content, they are well suited to the use of translation memory software and systems, otherwise known as Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools. These tools can increase efficiency and reduce translation costs considerably, as well as guaranteeing consistency its by the processes which are by the . They work by storing industry specific terminology used in one translation and using it again in future translations.

Stage 2: Editing

Once translated, documents are passed to an Editor who thoroughly checks the quality of the translation and makes any changes they consider necessary to improve the accuracy and style.

Stage 3: Proofreading

The edited document is then passed to a Proof Reader who will scrutinise each word and triple check all spellings and the grammar . The Proof Reader will also check for the correct use of accents, punctuation, paragraphing and spacing.

Stage 4: Multilingual DTP

Translated material that needs to be set with diagrams, images or design components is passed on to our multilingual DTP specialists who will make a professional job of setting the document ready for proofing and printing.

The separate stages of our multilingual translation process ensure absolute quality. We are dedicated to providing clients with a perfectly accurate end product that fully reflects their reputation.

If you have a complex technical translation project that requires specific expertise such as that provided by Dianex, please contact us and our technical expert will get back to you immediately.

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