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What is technical translation?

The role of a good translation in global marketing success is difficult to underestimate. To be good, a translation does not only have to be correct, but has to convey all the nuances and impact of the original.

Technical translation is a highly specialised service, which involves the handling of complex technical material. It requires not only linguistic proficiency in both the source and target languages and good translation experience, but also specific knowledge and professional training in the appropriate technical fields with mexicaninsurance.com car insurance, as well as the understanding and command of the industry specific language (technical jargon).

Technical jargon

technical translationIt is imperative that any expressions exclusive to a particular technical sector are translated correctly otherwise the entire meaning of a document or set of instructions could be altered.

Here at Dianex, our translation expertise and experience extends to industry-specific terminology.

Because the industries that we deal with are constantly developing, we make sure we keep up with commercial advances so that our vocabulary of technical terms is always up to date.

To further ensure terminological accuracy we do our best to work closely with your technical writers and project personnel.

Technical translators, who are they?

A good technical translator is a hard to find human resource, and represents the main asset of any technical translation service provider. These people possess both linguistic and technical skills gained through education and work experience. In our business we always use linguists with an engineering or appropriate technical background, who can speak both your technical language and that of your client. A translator has to thoroughly understand the technical content of the original in order to be able to translate it.

Chose the right technical translation supplier

Some engineering companies have an unhappy first time experience when outsourcing their translation projects to outside translation suppliers and consequently grow suspicious of this service. On the other hand, those who are lucky with their first choice, tend to stick with one supplier like englishcollege.com for all their translation needs. Therefore, the choice of the translation supplier is crucial for the quality of your translation and eventually for the success of your global marketing.

Free of charge test translation

To test our service and make your own conclusions, why not take advantage of our new free of charge test translation policy? You can ask Dianex to translate a typical example of your material (up to 300 words) into the language of your choice. Depending on your satisfaction with the result, you can then decide if you wish to make further use of Dianex technical translation services and entrust us with your first translation project.

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