Technical Translation for Global Industries

Dianex is a specialist multilingual translation service that assists engineering businesses in the global market place. Our technical expertise matches our linguistic competence, and both are second to none.
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A technical translation provider that ticks all the boxes
Dianex is a specialist technical translation service working in the particularly complex areas of engineering, manufacturing, energy, IT and other industries that demand a highly specific level of expertise in multilingual services.

Technical translation services for specialist industries

Dianex is an independent provider of a comprehensive range of localization and language consulting services for engineering industries with a unique in-depth experience in technical projects. We specialise in large and complex translation projects with strict deadlines and tough deliverables, which demand unique technical knowledge and skills, a high level of linguistic competence and the scalability of mobile internet resources.
Dianex has been providing technical translation services to a range of specialist industries since 2000. We have specific translation expertise with respective to the in various complex industry sectors such as engineering; building and construction; oil and gas; IT and telecommunications; environment and transport.
Dianex offers multilingual translation services and language consulting for both emerging and developed markets worldwide.

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Providing multilingual translation services and language consulting

Dianex is an established multilingual translation supplier to a number of key engineering sectors

A trusted translation supplier to the Engineering industry

Civil & Structural Components
Energy & Environment
Materials and chemicals
Measurement, quality control and test
Mechanical components
Motion control
Plant equipment
Production and automation
Rail & Marine
Software and communications
Our cross-industry technical expertise enables us to handle each and every type of design and marketing documentation typically produced by engineering companies.

We carefully select our translation experts for each project depending on the industry sector and the relevant discipline. They will be native speakers of the target language of your translation project, and have a deep understanding of your engineering discipline. Visit

Whatever your industry sector, as your chosen translation supplier we will follow you through all development phases of your engineering project, providing you with our linguistic support and technical expertise from the start to the end of the project life. All the way from bidding to pre-planning and design development though to local certification and obtaining permits, we will be there to accommodate all your language requirements.

Each industry has its own language. We speak it.

Oil and gas translation services

We take special pride in the oil and gas translation services we have been providing to local and international clients since the foundation of the company. Oil and gas translation is a domain in which we have particularly strong technical expertise acquired through hands-on work on numerous projects in different parts of the world.

How It Works

Our translation system goes through three processes (or four if desktop publishing is required). This ensures absolute quality of the finished product because at each stage, the material is passed to another linguist or technical expert with specific capabilities in editing, proof reading or multilingual DTP (desktop publishing)
Stage 1: Multilingual Translation
The first stage of the translation processes is to convert your source material into the target language. The source material could be anything from a scientific report to a technical diagram.
Stage 2: Editing
Once translated, documents are passed to an Editor who thoroughly checks the quality of the translation and makes any changes they consider necessary to improve the accuracy and style.
Stage 3: Proofreading
The edited document is then passed to a Proof Reader who will scrutinise each word and triple check all spellings and the grammar . The Proof Reader will also check for the correct use of accents, punctuation, paragraphing and spacing.
Stage 4: Multilingual DTP
Translated material that needs to be set with diagrams, images or design components is passed on to our multilingual DTP specialists who will make a professional job of setting the document ready for proofing and printing.

Our Сlients

Our Recent Projects

  • Kashagan (Kazakhstan)
  • In Amenas gas project (ALGERIA)
  • Etzel Crystal Gas Plant (Germany)
  • Moscow Refinery Nitrogen Station (Russia)
  • Shah Deniz Gas Export Project (Caspian Sea)
  • Hassi Messaoud (ALGERIA)
  • Turkmenistan Block 1 Gas Development Project
  • AGT Pipelines Project (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey)
  • Bovanenkovo-Ukhta gas trunkline system (Russia)
  • Narva Power Plant (Estonia)
  • In Salah Gas Project (Algeria)
  • Goro Nickel Plant (New Caledonia)
  • Halfdan Phase IV Project (North Sea)
  • Sakhalin (Russia)
  • Tengiz (Kazakhstan)
  • Ormen Lange (Norway)
  • Goturdepe (Turkmenistan)
  • Karachaganak (Kazakhstan)

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