Software Applications

The separate stages of our multilingual translation process ensure absolute quality. We are dedicated to providing clients with a perfectly accurate end product that fully reflects their reputation

Multiple Platforms for Multilingual Projects

We have become accustomed to handling hard copy documents, when electronic files are unavailable for whatever reason. Text recognition and reprocessing is another skill we have learned by tackling hard copy material.

We can format and set for printing any marketing or technical material to a client’s specification using leading design applications. We handle multilingual projects with different alphabets and text directions.

We work with common software packages, as well as industry specific applications designed for and widely used both in the translation and engineering sectors, such as CAD, CAT and DTP tools.

Translation Technology (CAT)

We also strive to stay tuned with the latest developments in translation technology, which helps maintain consistency in terminology and manage repetitive content by means of Translation Memory (TM).

This technology is now widely used across the translation industry, as it both ensures the quality and brings down the cost of translation.

Translation technology becomes particularly important when working with regular or returning customers. We use it to create client or project specific glossaries and term bases, which can then be reused and updated on subsequent projects.

Contact Us and We´ll Do Our Very Best to Accommodate Your Particular Requirements

We are flexible and happy to accept material in any industry specific formats even if you use a package not mentioned above