Our Services

Dianex is a specialist technical translation service working in the particularly complex areas of engineering, manufacturing, energy, IT and other industries that demand a highly specific level of expertise in multilingual services
Language Support

A Range of Professional Translation Services and Multilingual Language Support for the Engineering Sector

Dianex provides a highly specialist and comprehensive scientific and technical translation service to a range of industry sectors.

Our customised multilingual language support can include any of the following related services:
  • Document translation, editing and proofreading
  • In-country content validation
  • Desktop publishing
  • Translation memory management
  • Software localisation
  • Software testing
  • Multimedia content localisation
  • Interpreting
  • Cultural consulting
  • In-country liaison assistance

We translate a broad spectrum of technical material, project and design documentation, as well as marketing literature between all major business languages.

By choosing Dianex as your scientific and technical translation supplier you opt for an all-embracing language support with a personal touch.
Confidentiality and information security
In the process of translation we often have to deal with sensitive materials containing important proprietary information or valuable intellectual property, such as design and legal documents, trademark, patent material, etc. This inevitably brings up the issue of confidentiality. We are committed to protecting our client’s confidentiality and ensuring their corporate data is secure. This is why access to such documents is limited to Dianex project managers and translators, all of whom are bound by our Non-disclosure agreement (NDA). We also invite our clients to send us their own confidentiality agreements if they feel sensitive about sharing their material.

Technical Translation

Technical translation is a highly specialised service, which involves the handling of complex technical material. It requires not only linguistic proficiency in both the source and target languages and good translation experience, but also specific knowledge and professional training in the appropriate technical fields, as well as the understanding and command of the industry specific language (technical jargon).

3 Reasons to Choose Us


Up to date technical terminology

We make sure we keep up with commercial advances so that our vocabulary of technical terms is always up to date



We use linguists with an engineering or appropriate technical background, who can speak both your technical language and that of your client


A perfectly accurate end product

The separate stages of our multilingual translation process ensure absolute quality

Request a Free Test Translation

You can ask Dianex to translate a typical example of your material (up to 300 words) into the language of your choice. Depending on your satisfaction with the result, you can then decide if you wish to make further use of Dianex technical translation services and entrust us with your first translation project